I have my phone in my hand as I walk out of the bursar’s office, intending to call Logan. He asked me to “dinner,” which I’ve interpreted as reunion banging, but we didn’t make any concrete plans.

Before I can pull up his number on my contact list, I hear my name, and I look up to find him leaning against the wall in the hallway outside the bursar’s.

“I was just going to call you.” I hold up my cell as if he might want to see the proof. “But you’re here.”

“Where else was I going to go?” He pushes off the wall and offers me his hand. “We still on for dinner?”

Um, duh.

I’m capital H Horny and the throb between my legs has become almost audible. But I  shrug, deciding to play cool. “I could eat.”

I slip my hand in his and the charge between us increases, like a light on a dimmer switch now turned to full wattage. My breath catches sharply.

“Wow,” Logan says, obviously feeling it too.

Yeah. Wow is right.

But, also, why the hell are we still standing here? The minute I saw him, I fully expected to be pushed against the wall, the length of his body pressing against mine, our mouths frantic to consume each other.

Yet, we’re still standing here, our threaded fingers the only point of contact. It’s...unexpected. Nice, too. I guess.

He starts walking, tugging me along after him.  “Any thoughts on what you’d like to eat?”

Besides you?

“I was thinking maybe Japanese.”

Ah, this is it. He’ll pull me into the copy room. Or the Admissions Office. Or into the computer lab.

But we pass by the copy room. And the Admissions Office. And the computer lab. And we’re still only holding hands, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m not giving off the right vibe because, if I were giving the right vibe, he’d be on me by now.

I stop walking. “Logan?”

He takes another step before he notices my standstill. Then he turns to look at me, questioningly. “Devi?”

His gaze collides with mine, and at least now I’m sure that he’s as hungry for me as I am for him because the carnal things he wants to do to me are written all over his face.

It’s all the invitation I need. I take a step forward and press my mouth to his.

There’s no time for the kiss to become anything serious before he pulls away. “Hey,” he says, studying me, and something in his expression makes me think he’s about to give some speech about taking it slow or easing back into our relationship or some “nice guy” type of bullshit.

But then he says, “Fuck it,” and he’s on me, pressing his body against mine as his mouth devours me, his hands wandering possessively over my backside and down to my ass.

My lips are swollen when he finally lets up. He scans our surroundings, and before I’ve even had a chance to catch my breath, he’s drawing me into the stairwell. “I’d thought maybe we could make it past our first day of school before trying to get kicked out, but you’re too fucking sexy to resist.”

He pushes me back against the railing. “Put one foot up on the bar,” he commands. I do it, and instantly, his hand is under my clothing, searching for my center. “It’s awful lucky you’re wearing a skirt.”

“First day and all.” I was actually just thinking how inconvenient it was that I’d worn panties.

Then I’m not thinking at all, but panting as Logan rubs my clit through my underwear. With his other arm circling my waist, he leans in to kiss away my gasps. “Your panties are damp. Let’s see if I can get them soaked.”

Sounds like a fun game to me. One I think I’ll win by losing.

He slips his fingers under the material and brushes my bud with the pad of his thumb. “That’s a good girl.” His voice is a whisper. Any louder and it would echo off the steel and concrete of the stairwell. “Go ahead and squirm, but you have to keep quiet.” He kisses me again, swallowing my murmur of agreement, a sound that quickly turns breathy as he rubs me to pleasure.

After only a minute, my knees are giving out, even with one leg propped up. And I still want more--more of him, more of what I’ve been missing these long months.

Yeah, like that, I think as my hand finds the steel rod in his pants. I’ve definitely been missing that.

I throw an arm around his neck for support and rest my forehead against his so I can undo his jeans. When I finally release my favorite of all of Logan’s tools, a strange euphoric relief settles over me, and my shiver is as much from holding his thick cock in my palm as it is from what he’s doing to my lady parts.

“Devi, what are you doing?”

I wrap my hand around his member and tug up once. “Isn’t it obvious?” I ask as he groans. I release him momentarily to lick my palm, a gesture he watches with wide, ravenous eyes, then I rub across his crown before coiling my fingers around him and stroking down the firm length of his cock.

“Jesus, if you’re going to do that, I’m going to be tempted to fuck you.”

“Maybe that’s the goal.” In encouragement, I spread my stance, inviting him between my legs. I’m well aware of our location, aware that at any moment someone could burst through the door behind us and catch us in an awkward position. I just can’t seem to care about anything except the arrow that is Logan’s cock and the wet, weeping bullseye of my pussy.

I draw him closer until he’s there, until it’s his cock sliding along the seam of my panties instead of his fingers. I tilt my hips up and pull the material to the side to position him at my hole.

“Christ, Devi.” Before I know what’s happening, Logan has spun me so I’m facing the railing, my wrists gathered behind my back in one of his large hands. He pushes up my skirt and cracks his palm across my ass. “You are being such a bad, bad girl. You know what happens to bad girls?”

“What?” I ask, pouting about the loss of both his fingers and his cock.

“They get fucked.”

Logan pushes aside my panties, notches himself at my entrance, then, with one deep thrust he’s inside me.

Damn. Holy. Shit. Fuck. A string of curse words floats through my head, but the only sound I can make is a low whimper.

“Shh.” He grabs my hair in a handful and pulls my head back toward him. “You have to be quiet, babe.”

Or we’ll get caught, I think.

But he goes on, “Or else I’m going to come. And I’m not even close to being ready for that yet.”

He’s inside me, thick and hot, and he still hasn’t moved when a door a flight or so above us bangs open and footsteps trip down the stairs, seeming to come in our direction.

Logan drops my skirt and tucks himself away in record time. Before the person reaches us, he grabs my hand and tugs me with him down the stairs.

Grinning, he glances over at me. “Is this going to be our thing? Getting caught fucking in public?”

“It probably should be. We do it so well.” Adrenaline is surging through my veins, as we skip down so quickly we’re practically flying. I’m giddy just being with him, so alive, that I momentarily forget the thick knot of tension in my lower regions.

We reach the bottom of the stairs and, together, push the door open and burst out into the cool Austin evening. Here, Logan stops and pulls me into him. Cupping my face with his hands, he says, “I missed you, Devi Daryani,” then he kisses me, working his tongue in my mouth the way I know he wants to work his cock inside me.

I’m dizzy when he finally stops. “Shall we go?”

“To dinner?” Because yes. He needs to take me somewhere that I can feast on him without being interrupted, right-the-fuck-now.

“Of course.”

I grin. “You don’t have to ask twice.”




Goddamn asshole takes me to actual dinner. In a restaurant. With food and people and a restroom that’s not conducive to a sneak quickie.

Don’t get me wrong--it’s not the worst forty-five minutes of my life, despite the gnawing ache of need between my legs. And I love just being with Logan, almost as much as I love fucking him. Over tempura and tea, we talk about things that should be talked about--like our class schedules and the books we’ve read in the last weeks and the upcoming movies we want to see. We dance around the more weighty topics like after-graduation plans and whether or not we really have to live in two separate apartments (though I do get from him that his lease is month-to-month), and I know we aren’t avoiding those issues because we don’t want to talk about them, just, for me anyway, too much of my blood flow is concentrated in my erogenous zones to have a serious conversation.

Actually, I’m buzzing so much from want that I can barely tolerate even the small talk.

“Keep sighing like that, and I’m going to assume you’re disenchanted with my company.”

Huh. I thought I was doing a good job hiding my frustration. Guess not.

I pause, my chopsticks hovering an inch above my california roll. “It’s not your company I’m disenchanted with.”

Logan throws a glance around. “Do you not like it here? The service has been decent. Yelp gave it good reviews.”

I sigh again. Is it really possible that he isn’t looking forward to our carnal reunion the way I am? Has his departure from porn decreased his whole libido?

Wow. That thought’s an unpleasant one.

I stuff my last piece of sushi in my mouth and toss my chopsticks down.

Logan leans back in his seat and crosses his ankle over the opposite knee. “Wanna tell me what’s bothering you, Cass? Whatever it is, I’m anxious to make it better.”

“Are you? Because it doesn’t seem like you’re anxious at all.” I try to keep my tone light and teasing, but I can’t help the bite of annoyance that slips in.

He raises a brow in question.

“Look at you!” I gesture to his calm, cool, collected routine. “I’m restless and buzzing and can barely get comfortable sitting because I’m so aroused and desperate to get you in a room without any clothes. And you’re sitting there chatting about the next Marvel movie and eating raw fish like sex is the furthest thing from your mind.”

A faint smile graces his lips. “You’re desperate? For me?”

I wad up my cloth napkin into a ball and throw it at him. “Yeah, and you’re not.”

“Not true in the least.” Deliberately, he straightens the cloth out over his knee, smoothing the wrinkles as he talks. “It’s actually been very hard to concentrate on much of anything when I keep imagining throwing you down on this table, ripping open your blouse, and licking duck sauce off your nipples. After I had you squirming and coming from some pretty serious breast play, I think I’d need to fuck your tits. Though I can’t quite decide if I’d come on your face or your neck or…” His eyes are glazed as if picturing it, but his focus sharpens as he looks up at me. “Thoughts?”

This time, I sigh with relief. “Why are we still here?”

He grins, dimples appearing in his cheeks. “Anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac, Cass.” He picks up a california roll and pops it into his devil of a mouth, and, I swear, if I didn’t love him so much, I might have to kill him.

I might have to kill him anyway. Or, at least, give him a dose of his own medicine.

The table between us is low--coffee table height--and our chairs are suede-upholstered wingbacks. So when I lift my pelvis to scoot my panties over my hips and down my legs, Logan can see exactly what I’m doing.

Still, he asks. “What are you doing?”

“It’s a fine restaurant. But I’m not attached to it. I won’t have any problem finding another sushi bar in the city to frequent.” I lift a foot up to the seat cushion and spread my legs to give him a full view of my pussy. “So I’m not going to be too disappointed if I get kicked out for indecent exposure.”

“I see that.” His eyes are fixed between my legs--exactly where I wanted them.

“In other words,” I slide a finger through my folds and then bring it up to my mouth to suck before going on, “ball’s in your court.”

The other advantage of the low table? I have a perfect view of Logan’s crotch and his thickening bulge. He sits up, adjusting himself, and says under his breath, “Oh, you’re going to pay for that.”

I bend to collect my panties, my grin wide enough to make my cheeks hurt, and try not to squeal when Logan raises a hand in the air to signal the waitress. “Check, please!”





Devi gasps as I push her against the flimsy door of her student apartment, taking the keys from her hand and unlocking the door while I keep her pinned against it.  The cheap lock takes several wiggles, but finally the door swings open and Devi steps back over the threshold.

I follow her into the dark apartment, tossing her keys on a small stand by the door.  I take in the environment quickly--sagging bookshelves, small telescope, terrible orange couch--but I keep my real focus on Devi as I stalk towards her.

“I was trying to be a gentleman earlier, you know.”

A naughty grin.  She’s walking backwards to lure me down her hallway, to her bedroom, and I can’t decide which one of us is the predator and which of us is the prey.

“Almost four months apart and you really wanted dinner?” she taunts.

“You fucking think I only wanted dinner?” I growl.

She bats her eyes, stepping back into the shadows of her bedroom.  “If you didn’t, you were very convincing.”

I follow, slowing my steps.  “Hunger is the best seasoning, Cass.”

“I think fucking is the best seasoning.”  The back of her legs hit the bed and she stops.

I continue as if I hadn’t heard her, a deep and dangerous lust stirring in the cradle of my pelvis.  “You were a very naughty girl showing me your pussy at dinner.”

“You were a naughty boy to stop fucking me.”

“Is that what you really wanted?” I ask in a low voice.  “Did you want me to keep fucking you on those stairs?  Did you want everyone to see what a dirty girl you are?”

“You can say it,” she says in an excited whisper.  “I want you to say what I really am.”

Jesus.  My cock strains against my pants, swollen and hot and rigid.  “Did you want everyone to see what a slut you are?”

She shivers.  I step closer--I can touch her now, but I don’t, my mind spinning into so many depraved directions that I can’t pick just one; the idea of picking just one fills me with despair, until I remind myself that I’m really here with her, that she really did take me back.  She took me back, and now I have enough time to do everything I want with her and to her--and enough time for whatever she wants to do to me.  So it’s okay to only pick one path tonight, to only take one tack, at least for now.  I decide to roll with the punishment theme I hinted at earlier, in the restaurant.

“I think you did want everyone to see.  That’s why you were flashing your pussy everywhere at the restaurant.  You wanted everyone to see what a whore you are for me.”

She licks her lips.  “Yes,” she says.  “But I wanted to break your control more.”

I’m right in front of her now, and I don’t kiss her (even though I’m dying to) and I don’t embrace her.  Instead, I gather her two small wrists in one of my large hands, the other hand dropping to my belt and slowly working it open.  “Do I look out of control right now, Cass?” I ask.

“No,” she breathes.

“You’re goddamn right I don’t,” I tell her, finally getting my belt undone and pulling it from the loops with a quick motion.  “You think I up-ended my entire life, changed my entire world, so that the first time I saw you, I could take you with a five-minute fuck in a stairwell?”

Her eyes are wide and dark as I yank her wrists behind her back and wrap the belt tightly around them.

“I wanted to take my time.  Remind your body of how much it wants me, of whom it belongs to.  I was going to tease and coax and seduce you all night.  But I guess now I’ll have to remind your body a different way.”

Another shiver.

“Up on the bed, Devi.  On your knees.”

She obeys carefully, her balance awkward with her wrists bound at the small of her back, and I impatiently push her forward.  She bends in half, her cheek landing on the soft bed and her ass up in the air.  Without her panties on, her pussy is deliciously exposed under her skirt, and I take a minute to let my pulse steady, my mind slow.  That cunt is so pink and wet and I vividly remember how tight it felt around me.  And even though I’m supposed to be punishing her, it would be punishing myself to deny myself a taste of that perfection, and I lean down and bury my face between her legs, sucking on her clit and tongueing her entrance and giving the firm, tight button between her cheeks a few fluttering licks while I’m at it.

And then when she’s squirming and crying out, I straighten and wipe my mouth, giving her ass a hard smack to keep her still while I free my cock.

“You still on birth control, Cass?” I ask, rubbing the head of my dick up and down her wet slit.

“Yes.  And I’m still clean.”

“Thank fuck,” I groan, and I shove roughly inside.

Fucking Devi was always a treasure, but getting to fuck her bare is like dying and going to heaven.  Her cunt is wet-hot and tight, and I pull out slowly, watching the way it grips my cock.

“Has there been anyone inside this pussy since me?” I demand, leaning forward.  “Have you let any other men or women make you come?”

“No,” she moans into the blanket.  “No one since you.”

“Good,” I grunt, picking up the pace and fucking her harder now.  “This pussy is mine.  It only belongs to me now, got it?”

“Got it,” she manages.


I reach around her hip and find her clit, which is ripe and plump with arousal, like a little fruit. I’m going to spend hours sucking and licking that fruit later, but for now, I circle it with the pad of my middle finger as I fuck her, making sure I’m at the right angle to rub her G-spot as I thrust.  Within a minute, her thighs are quivering and she’s burying her face into the bed, panting and moaning, and she’s on the verge, I can tell, but it’s going to be big and hard and she’s scared.

“Poor girl,” I say to her.  “It’s been so long since you’ve had a thick cock to come around.  Let Logan take care of you.  Let me feel you come.”

As I croon my words to her, I use my other hand to grope and slap her ass, until my thumb finds the still-wet aperture of her asshole and starts to press in.  The dirty move shatters her and she loses it, screaming into her bed as her body starts shaking.

And I lose no time, because despite what I told her earlier, my control is broken, and has been since the minute I walked into the bursar’s office this afternoon and saw her.  With my thumb still in her ass, I grab at the belt around her wrists, using it for leverage as I pound my way to a vicious, deep, long-awaited climax.  

Our skin slaps together, wetness is everywhere, and I’m grunting and she’s moaning, and then it saws through me like barbed wire--a climax so hard and strong that it’s almost painful.  I haven’t felt pussy in four months, and being able to rut in and out of one as I blow my wad is fucking primal bliss.  

The reward centers of my brain are lit up like Christmas trees, and it’s not until I’ve pumped every last drop into my Devi that I finally still my hips.  “You okay?” I ask, once I get my breath back.

“I’m amazing,” she says, and her voice is the dreamy daze of a well-fucked woman.  I decide it’s my life’s mission to keep her voice like that.

I unbind her wrists, kissing the skin there, and then help her up.  We need to get clean--we’re sticky and rumpled--but for a minute, I just want to hold her tight, and so I do, wrapping my arms around her and laying us back on the bed.

“What you asked me…” she says hesitantly after a few moments.  “About there being anyone else.  There hasn’t been for me.  Has there been for you?”

Dread coils in my stomach but I want to be honest.  And if being honest means that Devi wants to kick me out of her bed...then I deserve that.  I hold her closer though, in case this is my last chance to feel her in my arms.  “Yes.  There’s been two women.”

Devi stiffens in my arms, and I can almost taste her pain.  I hurry to explain myself.

“After you left, I filmed two more scenes that week.  I hated myself when I did them, but I still...I still did them.  I wasn’t ready to admit that you were right, and I definitely wasn’t ready to admit that my own gut impulse to leave porn was right either.  But I felt like such shit after the second one, that I called my agent and had him cancel everything else.  And since then, there hasn’t been another woman, on set or off.  You’re the only woman I ever want to fuck again.”

She presses her face into my chest.  “Thank God,” she mumbles, her voice catching.  “I wanted you to be wanting me, all this time, and even just the thought of you with other women, it killed me.”

“No one else after I quit porn, and I quit porn a week after you left.”  I rub her shoulder and arm.  “I love you, Devi Daryani, and I don’t want any other woman. I haven’t since we started dating.  I just wish it hadn’t taken me those last two scenes to figure it out.”

She stretches up and kisses my cheek.  “I forgive you,” she says.  “It stings...but I understand.  As long as you are all mine now.”

I roll her on top of me and kiss her.  “All yours,” I murmur against her lips.  “Every part of me.”

“Even your cock?” she teases.

“Especially that.”

She reaches down with those strong, slender fingers, and her lips are warm and soft against my own…

...and I decide that cleaning up can wait.

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