A Valentine's Day Note from Donovan to Sabrina




Valentine's Day is a bullshit holiday. 

It's about money and proving your place in a cultural structure that you and I already know we exist outside of. You think a dozen roses and a tennis bracelet will validate our relationship? You think if I take you out to a romantic dinner that it will sufficiently express the emotions I have for you?

I'm in love with you. If you need to hear it, I can tell you it again. But I don't think those words can be any clearer than my actions. I've lived the last ten years for you. I made you move into my home. Certainly that tells you more about my feelings than a box of chocolates could.

So stop fussing about the shit I didn't do for you today, and look at what I've done for you EVERY day. Then take off your panties and meet me at our Japanese place. It's not a date because it's Valentine's - it's a date because I'm hungry and always like feasting on you best.

Mamoritai. (I want to protect you)

Daiji ni Shitai. (I treasure you)

Aishiteru. (I love you)