My favorite from Laurelin Paige so far!
— Julia, the Romance Bibliophile
Dramatic. Sensual. Epic. Unforgettable.
— Paramita's Bookshelf

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The conclusion of the surprising love story begun in Dirty Sexy Player.

I didn’t have a plan for him.

He was the means to an end, a workaround to the cruel terms of my father’s will that would allow me to inherit his company.

I hadn’t planned to fall for him.

I hadn’t planned to enjoy every minute of our wedding, hadn’t planned to gasp his name so many times that night, hadn’t planned for the sexy games on our honeymoon.

He didn’t plan for his secrets to come out.

And neither of us planned for heartbreak.

Laurelin Paige is a master when she writes about rich entitled playboys, but even better when she redeems them when they meet that one woman who they love unconditionally.
— Cheryl Whitty

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