Releasing in Kindle Unlimited November 2018.

Welcome to Hollywood, where wet dreams come true.

To me, he’s my best friend. My roommate. The guy who helped me through the humiliating breakup with my fiancé.

But I know full well other women would kill to be with Jake Ryder.

We all grew up fangirling over the chart-topping Ryder Brothers, and I’m the first one to admit I had posters of Jake all over my bedroom.

So when I land my very first leading role, he’s the first one I tell.

About the role. And about the condition that I play an extra part- producer’s girlfriend.

I’m willing to accept that condition. I’ll do anything to land my dream career—even if it means getting on my back. Just one small problem – I don’t have the job experience.

I’m kind of, sort of, accidentally… a virgin.

So it looks like Jake’s going to be all over my bedroom once again as he teaches me how to be the perfect lover.

And when I fall for him, which I know I will,
how will I decide what I want more? The part?

Or Jake?