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Narrated by Andi Arndt

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She uses her fame as a wall around her heart, and only he can tear it down.

Seth Rafferty knows Heather Wainwright’s type. 

Demanding. Check.
Self-important. Check.
Leggy and blonde. Yeah, he knows the drill.

He’s been a Hollywood production designer far too long to have patience for A-listers with a superior attitude. Beautiful women with a chip on their shoulder are a dime a dozen.

Which is why his obsession with Heather makes no sense. Nothing about her is attractive.

Except the vulnerability under the sass. The honesty under the attitude.

So when wrap-party flirting gets carried away, Seth doesn’t stop it from turning into a sizzling night of passion. Too late, he realizes, one night isn’t going to get her out of his system. 

On to plan B: uncover the real woman under the diva.

Soon Heather will find out that Seth isn’t just a simple carpenter she can use and lose without consequences. He’ll play the part of the builder, but it’s her walls he intends to break down.

This book was previously published. It has been re-edited for this release.

Star Struck was enticing and sexually charged, with an enemies-to-lovers romance that was undeniably HOT! It’s stories like this one that makes Laurelin’s books one-of-a-kind. 
- Beneath The Covers Blog,  Goodreads Reviewer

I absolutely loved this new edition , cover and story !! Heather and Seth oh holy hotness !!! I love what he can do with his tools and in more than one way *wink* this story was sexy, fun and gave me so many feels ... another must read from Ms. Laurelin !! -  Annette Popa,  Amazon Reviewer

I loved Heather and Seth!! They are so great together. Their chemistry is amazing. Another great book by this author - Emilee A,  Amazon Reviewer

This book was Ah-maze-BALLS!! Wow I think Seth has now the spot of second book boyfriend, even removing Hudson from the spot and moving him to number 3!! Can I be more in love with Star Struck? I must say that Laurelin really really outdone herself with this book!!
Tatiana Chavez, Goodreads Reviewer