The Open Door: A Found duet novella

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“A)n honest exploration of desire and sexuality after marriage.
— Michelle Claypots Reads, Goodreads reviewer
You just never see stories like this anymore, ever.
— CerysAnne, Goodreads Reviewer

I knew JC was trouble the minute I laid eyes on him.

Breaking every rule in my club. I never forget how he made me feel that night. With all the women in that room, all those bodies on display, but his eyes were only on me.

Of course I married him. Now years have passed. Kids have been born. We're still in love as always, and the sex is still fantastic...

And yet, it's also not. Like many who've been married for a while, I long for the high intensity of those days of the past.

I’ve heard rumors for years about the Open Door. An ultra-exclusive voyeur’s paradise. A place to participate in - or watch -any kind of display you can imagine.

My husband’s eyes would still be on me. And maybe other eyes too. If that's what we want.

So when an invitation to come play arrives, how could we turn it down?

A provocative, naughty, and scandalously hot quick read!
— - Kelly Emery (Beneath The Covers Blog)


“Highly sensual, deliciously sexy, JC and Gwen captivate you!” - April, Goodreads reviewer

“If you’re looking for wonderful characters, and a story that allows you to explore many different fantasies this book is for you. It's a refreshing new take on marriage.” - Kayla, Goodreads reviewer

“Open Door is a wanton almost wicked exploration that pushes the boundaries of Happy Wife Happy Life.” - KC Caron, Goodreads reviewer

“MY FAVORITE COUPLE IS BACK AND LET ME TELL YOU... IT GETS HOT! 🔥 Laurelin Paige does it right! JC & Gwen bring the heat back to their marriage!” - Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read