FREE ME BLOG TOUR - December 2014

1. Hudson Pierce. You brought him to us in the Fixed Series and he's become an iconic fictional alpha male. Did you know he was a star when you first began writing his character or were you totally surprised when legions of fans fell in love with him? 

I didn’t have any idea he’d be a hero to others. It was a story I wanted to write for myself and because of that I didn’t feel like it would resonate with anyone else.  I guess I thought I was weird or unusual in my tastes. It turns out I’m not as unique as I thought! And, actually, through the love of the fans, I’ve fallen in love with him even more.

2. Who would you want to play him in a movie or series? And who have fans suggested?

I was originally drawn to Matt Bomer as long as he didn’t smile. Now I like Jerome Adamoli.
3.  What are the qualities in him that make so many women love him, and wish that were Alayna Withers?

I think that as women we take care of so many other people around us, that we’re drawn to a hero who takes care of his woman. Hudson does that for Alayna – he fixes things, fixes her. He also accepts her at her weakest, and she’s a pretty flawed character, so that is attractive. We want to think that we don’t have to be perfect to find a perfect love. That’s what Hudson has – he has the ability to care for Alayna with his money, he has the alpha male protector thing going on, and no matter what he’s done wrong, he loves her undeniably and unequivocally. He’s also a dirty talker who’s good in bed. We all love that as well.
4. In The Fixed Series, Alayna admittedly has 'love addiction' issues. Her story is fascinating and so different that anything else I've read.  Did you research the condition, or add your own ideas about how it manifests in her character--or a little of both?

Definitely a little of both. Years ago, my best friend was hung up on a guy that was never going to return the affection, and I remember buying her a book about love addiction. It talked about how it was a very real thing that didn’t actually have a diagnosis but was always grouped with other conditions and then it gave a lot of ways to try to stop the cycle. That always stayed with me and when Alayna started to form in my mind, I bought another book on the subject and used it for most of my guidance. But, also, I have always felt obsessive and compulsive—not to the extent of Alayna, but definitely it’s there.  I used those feelings to help shape her and the facts from the books to make her believable.
5. The Fixed Trilogy was self published originally, as well as Hudson, will it continue as an indie series? And how has it changed your life and career?

It will continue as an indie series. I think that there is a different audience for indie than traditional books and even though the readers may cross at times, there are many times they don’t cross. I’ll certainly publish books with traditional publishers as well, but I don’t think it’s fair to take The Fixed Trilogy out of the indie universe. That community built it and nourished it and it belongs in that home.

As for how it’s changed my life—how long do you have? I could write an entire book on the subject. We were a household struggling to make ends meet. My husband had lost his job at Blockbuster and I was working four jobs. With the success of the series, I’ve been able to go to writing full time and my husband still stays home and manages the house. We’ve moved into a bigger home, paid off all our debt, been able to giveaway a lot to friends and family, and have saved for retirement. It’s been a whirlwind of change that I’m grateful and amazed by everyday.
6. You have also traditionally published books such as Take Two--which was awesome!-- and Star Struck. Can we look forward to more traditionally published books from you? What's on the horizon?

I have a series I cowrote with Kayti McGee coming out with St. Martins Press under the name Laurelin McGee. The first is a novella that’s featured in Hot Alphas out in May. Then Miss Match will hit stores on June 25th. It’s a romantic comedy that I think is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. Then I have a romantic suspense two book series coming out with St. Martin’s Press as well. Book one will be out December 2015. Meanwhile, I have the sequel to Free Me called Find Me out next summer as a self-published book.

7. Tell us about your newest book, Free Me. Is it part of the Fixed Series and will it feature some our favorite character?  What can fans expect. Which characters will we see more of?

Free Me features Gwen who was introduced in Forever with You. She’s the new manager at The Sky Launch and Free Me is about her story before she came to work there. Book two will be her story after. Hudson and Alayna show up briefly in book one along with Norma, Hudson’s financial lead and Gwen’s sister. All of them will feature more prominently in book two.
8. Tell us a little bit about the sexy hero in Free Me and why we will want to get to know him?

JC is nothing like Hudson except that he’s also a dirty talker who likes to take control in the bedroom. He’s laid back and charming. He works as an investor in his own company so he is a bit of a “suit”, as Alayna Withers would call him, but he’s also so relaxed that he seems just as comfortable in a pair of jeans. He can be impulsive (he’s gotten a tattoo drunk before) and he’s fun. He also has a mystery in his past – something he’s running from. Readers will love him because he’s sincere and genuine and sexy and, like all my characters, a little bit broken too.
9. Readers certainly fall in love with your fictional men. What makes you fall in love with a character when you are writing?

A guy who can talk dirty and sweet and be equally as convincing. I also like a guy who will risk things for his woman. Mostly, I’m drawn to men who are flawed—like I am. Men who might only need some love to be “fixed”.

10. Where does the magic happen? Do you write in a home office (what state?) or on the road, or both?

Mostly at home in my office. Or my bed. I like to not get dressed. I live in Colorado.
11.  Did you have a different career your former life? 

I majored in Musical Theater for my Bachelor’s and then have an MBA with a marketing emphasis. I have used those degrees in most of my jobs. My last full time job was working as the Director of Music for a Catholic church where I ran all the choirs for the parish. I did that for 8 years with some side marketing jobs before writing full time.

11 A. If you don't mind us asking, do you have kids? How many?  No worries if you'd rather not mention.

I’m married and have three girls ages 12, 9, and 5.
12. What inspired you to write and publish your own books?  Financial necessity? The need to write?

I’ve always written in some form. It used to be songwriting and then children’s books. Most of it was just for fun. With my husband out of a job and unemployment running out, I NEEDED to publish Fixed on You and I needed it to make some money. I remember that we were hoping for $7000 so we could get through the next year. We had that made within the first two weeks.
13. And the question we ask all authors: Why do you think erotic romances are good for readers?

It’s the next frontier for feminism. We have broken so many boundaries in the last century or so, but there is still such a stigma regarding sex and women. It’s different for men. Women aren’t supposed to feel sexy or lose their virginity or want to have a sexual relationship. These books are taking us where our minds and hearts always have been, making it more acceptable and comfortable for us to be the sexual beings we were born to be. I also find that the stories can help strengthen relationships. Women need some downtime and relaxation before getting in the mood. Books can help women do that. Reading and writing them has certainly strengthened my marriage!
14. Please add anything you want to include that I may not have asked about. Thanks!!!
 I think you’ve hit on everything I have going on. This has been great! Thank you so much for having me! It was so fabulous to be able to talk about my career and my books.